First Class In Glass

Dan sent a couple of pictures showing some of his work in his glass class. He also wrote up a description of them. Chris sent along a photo of the Budapest Market, from his recent trip to Eastern Europe. All these nice photographic and textual contributions, makes blogging this little old blog, so much easier.

I’ve been very busy with my first of two classes, glass casting, it’s taking up most of my time and when it isn’t, I have to work in the office, go to lectures, work on stuff for my show next week, etc. I’ve sent some pictures from the class that I took on my iPhone. The first one is a photo of some of my molds prepped before casting. The next photo shows a mold after I’ve poured hot, liquid glass via a looong steel ladle straight from the furnace. The glass is allowed to carefully cool for only a couple of minutes before it’s rushed to the annealing ovens and slowly cooled over an eight-hour process. – Dan

Anne and I biked in the Park on Saturday morning, in an attempt to beat the heat. We were only partially successful. We got 20 miles, which went well with the 20 miles that Anne got Friday. In the afternoon, we got a new trailer hitch bike rack at REI that went well with the trailer hitch receiver that we had put on the Prius, on Friday. Toyota does not recommend putting trailer hitches on the Prius, not even for bike racks, but websites like Prius Chat attribute that stance to liability concerns on the part of the Toyota Corporation. Think, stuck accelerator pedals and runaway cars, “those crazy American drivers”. Other websites, like Juiced Hybrid, sell them and suggest that anyone can install them. We went with professionals, our usual car repair shop, Telle Tire. Anne picked up the car and told me how excited the mechanics there were about getting to work on a new car, better than the usual fare they get to work on. The nice lady at REI, carefully inspected our hitch receiver, printed out its data sheet and made sure that the bike rack we purchased would work with the hitch and the Prius.

The Great Market Hall or Central Market Hall (Hungarian “Nagycsarnok”), on Fővám Tér in the 9th district, is the largest indoor market in Budapest. It was designed and built by Samu Pecz. A great number of stalls offer a huge variety of vegetables, fruit, cheese and meat. The roof has been restored to the distinctive Zsolnay tiling. Most of the stalls on the ground floor offer popular souvenirs such as paprika, tokaji, and caviar. In the 1st floor you can find typical tourist articles, such as pictures, dolls, glasses, tablecloths, chess boards and clothes made in Hungarian style. – Wiki

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