The Big Bottle Ride

Dear readers, I must warn you about this post. On Sunday, Anne and I rode the Big Bottle Ride and got fried. It was hot and spicy, but it was no picnic. Normally, we relish these Fun Club rides, but after a while, I began to wonder if we would cut the mustard on this one. Near the end of the ride, Anne began to flag a little and I would wait for her to ketchup. We got 38 miles.

Circular reasoning works, because circular reasoning works – a bike thought 

The following was over heard on the ride, “Slow down, so I can talk to you”. It was said by a male cyclist, to a female cyclist, during the climb of a steep hill. Maybe she was just making her break away?

Semith – The name of a farm road, founded by a family that cannot spell Smith

Farm Report – Most of the corn-growing in the fields, was nowhere near as high as an elephant’s eye and it is already past the 4th of July. I just though that you futures traders needed a field report. 

Weather Forecast – When they land in Saint Louis this week, Seattleites, Jay and Carl, are going to die, I’m just saying, it is July

What is the etiquette of puking on a group ride? – thought, but not enacted

I do not tweet, but I know people who do, so I wanted to pass along the following hash tag: #Replaceawordinafamousquotewithduck. It pretty much encapsulates the whole joke in its title. Here are a few examples:

  • To duck or not to duck; that is the question
  • Mr. Duck, tear down this wall!
  • Dewey Defeats Duck!
  • Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my duck. Prepare to die.
  • Another one bites the duck
  • A duck divided against itself cannot stand
  • The first rule of duck club is: You do NOT talk about duck club.
  • I’m going to make him a duck he can’t refuse
  • May the Duck be with you!
  • Bond, Duck Bond
  • Seeing that this is a 44 caliber, the largest handgun in the world, you have ask yourself this one question, do you feel ducky punk?
  • I want the duck! You can’t handle the duck!
  • Life is like a box of ducks
  • Every time a bell rings, a duck gets its wings
  • Enough! I have had it with these ducking snakes on this ducking plane!

8 thoughts on “The Big Bottle Ride

  1. touche. however I don’t bike when it’s over 90.

    they are worth watching however. via the internets. do you have the internets? or maybe the world wide webs?

  2. The soccer reports here on the left coast were great for us.
    First the USA women prevail. (Hope Solo was a UW attendee)
    Second the Seattle Sounders prevail over the upstart Portland Timbers. In Portland.

    And if the heat makes us swoon we will just demand you bring us more lemonade.
    Is July worse than August?

    Hey – we got over 70 today, although it was sprinkling a bit tonight.

  3. We struggled in the heat on the medium route, happy that we had foregone the extra 14 mile loop on the long route. Then I read on the Facebook part of the interwebs that one cyclist (or more) did a century, bicycling to and from Collinsville on both ends of the ride. I’m awestruck.


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