The Pinnacles

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The Pinnacles National Monument rises out of the chaparral-covered Gabilan Mountains, east of central California’s Salinas Valley.  They are the spectacular remains of an ancient volcano.  Massive monoliths, spires, sheer-walled canyons and talus passages define millions of years of erosion, faulting and tectonic plate movement.  On Saturday my two Bros, Chris and Frank went there together.  Chris took all of the pictures in this post’s slideshow, so of course he never shows up and Frank is always in the picture.

Years ago Anne and I visited the Pinnacles.  The kids were with us on that trip.  I led them into the cave and back out again too.  We spoke with a national park ranger.  We of course let him know that we were all from Saint Louis.  That is of course what Saint Louisans do.  We are rather proud of our city.  He let us know that he had originally applied to be a park ranger at the Arch, but instead he was sent to the Pinnacles. 😉

I’d like to go back to the Pinnacles.  In June, during my last visit to Monterey, there was some thought about going there, but there just wasn’t enough time.  I’d like to go back to the Pinnacles, because the Californian Condor can be found there.  Maybe on my next visit?

So, I’ve covered the Pinnacles, touched upon birds (the condor) and Saint Louis, all regular themes of this blog.  How can I unify these themes though?  I know, the Redbirds, the Saint Louis Cardinals!  You have birds and Saint Louis covered cold and about the Pinnacles?  Well simply said Saint Louis sit astride the pinnacle of the National League’s Central Division.  This is a natural roosting spot for a Cardinal to be in.  The only mote in the eye are those pesky Cincinnati Reds.  What is the deal with them?  Is this year some sort of Pete Rose anniversary or something?

Anyway, this last weekend the Cards were pretty merciless to the visiting Pirates.  For you baseball mathematicians, here is an equation to remember:

Cards > Pirates > Ninjas

I know that I am going on about the Cardinals too much, at least for some, but I am posting this from the capital of Redbird country.  Believe me, you do not want to hear me whining about the weather here in town.  KSDK broadcasts the Sunday Cardinal game.  Long after the game became a foregone conclusion, I started flipping channels.  The local PBS affiliate was re-broadcasting a Saint Louis history documentary episode, that was originally aired in the 1950s.  This episode covered the history of Saint Louis during the roaring 1920s.  One vignette covered the Cardinal’s first World Series victory in 1926.  It was one of the high points of that decade.  Before that year all that Saint Louis could claim in the way of fame was some 19th century championship that the Saint Louis Browns had won.  First in shoes, first in booze and last in the American League.

When I visit with my Seattle relatives, it is always all about baseball, even when it is not.  That is fine, I like baseball and I Luv my Seattle relatives.  I really do.  You guys are like a breath of fresh air, northwest fresh air.  I feel bad for the Mariners, but hey they suck this year.  I tried not to gloat over the Cardinals, but I probably did.  If the Texas Rangers can lead a division, anyone can.

So we have the Cardinals teetering on the pinnacle of the NL’s central.  With Reds hot breath breathing down our neck.  Now, I am interested.  Now, I am engaged.  Call me a fair weather fan, I am still a fan and there is still a whole lot more baseball to be played this year.

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  1. We love you too.
    Now what’s up with your weather?
    It may get up into the high 70’s today, starting in the 50’s.
    I think we missed Seattle’s summer when we were gone.

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