Laurance S. Rockefeller Preserve

How we treat our land, how we build upon it,
how we act towards our air and water,
will in the long run tell
what kind of people we really are.

Laurance S. Rockefeller

A feather floats on Phelps Lake –

                  A cradle of light
Rocking with the breeze.

Wind speaks through pines.
Light animates granite.

An Eagle soars – its shadow crosses over us.

All life in intertwined.

We see the Great Peaks
           Mirrored in water –


Reflection leads us to restoration.

     Nature quiets the mind
          by engaging with an intelligence
larger then our own.

     The Scales of Nature
will always seek equilibrium.

A feather can tip the balance.

Terry Tempest Williams

The path of wisdom invites us
         to walk with a humble heart

Recognizing the dance
         between diversity and unity
         action and restraint

         Mindful of different ways
                           of being,
Our awareness as a species shifts –

         We recognize
the soul of the land
                  as our own

Pictures are from the grounds of Laurance S. Rockefeller Preserve.  The words are from the walls of the visitors center.  Nestled at the foot of Grand Teton, the preserve is found at the southern end of Grand Teton National Park.

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