Frank’s 50th Birthday Party

The preceeding gallery of photographs are from my youngest brother Frank’s 50th birthday party.  His birthday was back in may, but the party was this last weekend.  Our other brother, Chris, took these pictures.  Looking at them all, it appears that Frank and Kathy pulled out all the stops for this birthday bash.  Happy 50th birthday Frank!

Dan and Annie arrived at the Cabin on Saturday and on Sunday Anne, Jane and Rey left the Cabin.  They stopped off in Gaylord for a couple of hours and hung out at the Big Buck Brewhaus to watch the World Cup finals.  Anne takes the Megabus back to Saint Louis today.

Sunday was a rest day for me.  I watched the World Cup also and listened to vuvuzela for two hours.  I’m pretty sure that I can wait four more years before I hear one again and that’s if they don’t get banned outright.

In other sporting news, the Tour de France which has been going for over a week now entered the Alps this last weekend.  Lance Armstrong has entered this year’s race in an attempt to win an eighth yellow jersey.  On Sunday through a series of crashes his hopes were all but dashed.  He lost a significant amount of time on the leaders and is not expected to be able to make it up.

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  1. If you had watched the world cup for the last three weeks (not just the one game) you might have found that the vuvuzelas retreat into the background, like the summer crickets.

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