Anne’s Megabus Return

Anne returned home, Monday night.  Rey had dropped her off at the Megabus stop in Ann Arbor, early in the morning and then he turned south to return to Tennessee.  Her bus to Chicago left on time.  At about five o’clock she sent the following message about the second leg of her journey:

The bus driver gets on the mike as we pull out 25 minutes late.  “Folks, the number one question I’m asked is [silence] and the answer to that question is ‘No!’  The second most asked question is [silence] and the answer to that question is ‘I don’t know!’  The third frequently asked question is ‘Are we there yet?’  Who knows the answer to that question?  What smart passengers!”  Anne explained, that three out of four bus drivers have seemed crabby, and the fourth might have been, but he didn’t say anything when we left Ann Arbor because most of the Detroit riders were asleep. 

She sounds a little less enthusiastic about Megabus now than on her trip up to Michigan.  Maybe the novelty of it has worn off or maybe she like everyone else is always less enthusiastic about the ending of our vacation than its beginning.   The weather forecast for the rest of this week is not too enticing either, high temperatures in the high nineties. 

I biked in the Park before work on Monday morning.  I got fifteen miles.  I also hit the 1000 mile mark for this year.  Later, I had a doctor’s checkup, that checkout well and then went to work.  After picking Anne up, on Monday night, Monday had become a very long day.  I’ve included an eclectic selection of photos with this post all culled from the last few weeks.  Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Anne’s Megabus Return

  1. No, I still like the megabus experience, but I think the drivers are under a lot of pressure, and don’t have the calm, cool distance that airline pilots project. Of course, the airline pilots have stewardesses to deal with the passengers, and even at O’Hare you don’t have four lanes of backed-up, f’d-up, rush hour traffic ahead of you! Also, the pilots don’t have to load the luggage, check the tickets, and probably clean the toilets. I thought the last driver was trying to use humor to get his point across — “Don’t ask me stupid questions, and I’ll get you there safely.”


  2. Glad to hear you made it to the bus. I thought about checking the parking lot on my way in as I drove past, but had picked up a fellow Borders-ite and didn’t think he’d relish a drive-thru of the commuter lot.

    and REALLY thankful Rey was available to drop you off – I was one tired puppy yesterday morning.

    • Yes, there were two other tired puppies yesterday morning. I hope Rey didn’t have any problems getting back to Tennessee. Thank you so much, again, for taking a vacation day to come up for a long weekend and shuttle Rey and me to and from the cabin and World Cup games! And lunch, too. Will you be able to get up to the cabin again, for a longer stay?

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