Forest Park

I rode in the Park on Wednesday morning, before work. It was a magical morning ride. Not the least because I was able to roll through on the green the three traffic lights that separates the Park from our house and I managed to do it both ways. I got 15 miles.

The early morning temperature was cool, without being cold. The dawning light was that lustrous golden color and not just in the gold leaf covered griffins atop the Saint Louis Art Museum. During those fleeting twilight minutes, dawn’s early light painted the entire park with a golden hue. The wind was calm, so that the only ripples on the waters of the Park came from the steady progress of swimming and wading water fowl. The Park was quiet that morning, except for the cacophony of bird songs.  They woke me through our open bedroom window and bade me to come out and play.

This month’s issue of Saint Louis Magazine features the Park as its cover article.  It is a great article and is full of information, much of it being new to me.  Here are just a few of the things that I learned from reading:

  • The Park profited from the New I-64 project.  It gained seven acres.
  • Among the hundreds of species that live or just pass through the Park, add the seldom seen Flying Squirrels.  Hokey Smokes, Bullwinkle!
  • The Park has many statues and memorials.  Probably the most ironic statue is that of Saint Francis of Assisi, outside the Jewel Box, dedicated to Harry Turner, race-car driver.  He was accused of spying, forgery and obscenity.  The statue was bestowed by Alice Turner, his wife and partner in crime.

The article also has personal significance.  In addition to many of the people who are pictured or interviewed that I have met, there are two that are featured that I know.  Edward Crim supplied the photographs for the article.  I attended and blog about his art opening last Friday.  Mark Glenshaw is the “owl guy”, is full page featured.  I have  mentioned him also.  He introduced Anne and I to Charles and Sarah, the Great Horned Owls that have been pictured here before.

I’m sure that I am forgetting something here.  Oh, yeah!  Happy Birthday Anne!

We have lived in the shadow of Forest Park for thirty years.  Later, this year we will celebrate our thirtieth wedding anniversary, but today we celebrate Anne’s birthday.  On Tuesday we celebrated National Teachers Day.  Anne being a teacher accepted her accolades.  Wednesday was Cinco de Mayo; Anne is a quarter Hispanic in origin.  This Sunday is Mother’s Day; Anne’s got that covered too.  If you ask me, May is beginning to look like the 31 flavors of how do we love Anne.  That is OK, because I love her, everyday.

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