Cherokee Street

Cherokee Street or more completely the Cherokee Lemp Business District is a street that is devoted to antique stores.  It is also a street that is ethnically diverse.  In the center of Cherokee Street are a couple of blocks that are mostly hispanic.  Today on Cinco de Mayo that part of Cherokee ought to be rocking.

Saint Louis has a loose connection with the Cherokee people, their Trail of Tears passed through Missouri, south of Saint Louis, on their way to Oklahoma.  Twenty-eight of the east-west streets in south Saint Louis were named in honor of Native American peoples.  This is sometimes obfuscated because many of their north-south cross streets are named for states.

Delaware Avenue runs north-south for the state.  Delaware Street runs east-west for the Indian Nation that came first.  Kansas, Utah and Wyoming are also named for native peoples.  As confusing as this all sounds, it is trumped here in Saint Louis by Missouri.  The street was named after the state, which was named after the river which was named after the people who lived here.

Saint Louis has many fine musical establishments.  It even has many fine musical instruments stores, but until last Sunday, I did not know that we had a saxophone store.  I don’t know how prevalent this single instrument business model is these day.  Although, I’m sure that they sell all types of saxophones.

You can’t really see the photo in the window, let alone the inscription in the corner.  The photograph shows some men working in a factory.  The inscription says: No. 6 Valve Making Department, C. G. Conn’s Band Instrument Factory.

4 thoughts on “Cherokee Street

  1. Definitely agree with KW on the “single instrument” business model. Lessee: there’s Flute World (; there’s the place I bought my flute from (he’s the Muramatsu North America distributor, but also sells other flute brands, publishes flute music, gives private lessons, and is the principal flautist for the DSO). Jim bought his trombone from a custom ‘bone maker near Boston (Val’s got the horn now).

    When it comes to musical instruments, one almost HAS to specialize. Musicians are such a picky bunch…

  2. Captain Renault: Tell me, when we searched the place, where were the letters of transit?

    Rick: Sam’s piamo.

    Renault: Serves me right for not being musical.

    – from Casablanca

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