Back on the Bikes

Anne and I rode our bicycles on Saturday afternoon.  This was the first time that we have bicycled in 2010.  Before we started I reset my bike’s odometer, for the New Year.  We launched towards the Park.  Saturday was a rather gray day, but it is also the first weekend day of this year, that the mercury got above freezing.  We tooled by Owl Hill, but there were no owls to be seen.  Maybe they are off nesting someplace close by?  We took it easy, sticking mainly to the flats.  We both got fifteen miles.  The roads were wet with melting snow and ice, so after we got home I washed and lubed the bikes.

On Saturday morning, Anne and I took down our Christmas decorations.  Since our Christmas tree was a live tree, I hauled it around back and set it up by the bird feeders, to give the birds cover.  It also makes a nice background in pictures of birds at the feeders.  After our ride, while I was cleaning the bikes a pair of Downy Woodpeckers were trading off, by taking turns at the suet feeder.  I got pictures of both the male and the female and I chose the following shot of the male, with the red spot on the back of his head.

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