A White Christmas, Sort Of

Wednesday was my last day of work for the year.  The last day of work before Christmas break is always rather quiet and this Wednesday was no exception.  Usually I eschew the last regular day of work and take a vacation day just to avoid it, but not this time.  It was deadly dull though. 🙄

On Thursday, Anne and I walked up to downtown Clayton.  We met Edie at First Watch for breakfast.  Anne presented Edie with the sweater that she had added edging.  The sweater is to be a gift to one of Edie’s nieces.  It was pouring after breakfast, so we asked Edie for a ride home.  We would have gotten soaked otherwise.  On the way out I snapped the picture for today’s header, of a row of Quaker Oats containers.

After we got home we quickly turned around and this time drove to a new big box computer store near the house.  I got an enclosure for the old computer’s hard drive.  As I was walking towards the back of the store, I walked by a guy on a step ladder.  At first I thought he was working on wire chases in the ceiling, but as it turned out he was trying to fix the store’s model train setup.  Then I recognized him.  He is the same guy that I blogged about a few day’s ago.  His name is Dan and this is the guy that has turned his front yard into an elaborate model railroad diorama.  Saint Louis really is a small town.  Speaking of which, we bumped into Joanie at our next stop, the grocery store.  We finished the day watching, It’s a Wonderful Life.

Friday, Christmas Day brought the most snow that we have seen so far this season, about half an inch.  According to Cindy, the weather girl, a White Christmas requires a minimum of one inch of snow.  So we had a White Christmas, sort of.  The picture with this post is of some chocolates that I got Anne.  They are Christopher Elbow’s Artisanal Chocolates.  They almost look too good to eat.

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