A Christmas Pony

I have already chronicled this week my trials on Tuesday with the butterfly ladies, doctors and dentists, but I saved for Christmas the carousel at Faust Park.  The staff there was friendly and helpful.  They even offered constructive advice on how to best photograph the carousel, which I took.  Here is the carousel background:

The St. Louis Carousel is home to an original carousel created by the Dentzel Company of Philadelphia in the 1920’s. The Carousel was installed in 1929 at the Forest Park Highlands. When the Highlands burned to the ground in 1963, the carousel was the only thing left standing. Howard C. Ohlendorf purchased the carousel to prevent it from being dismantled and donated it to St. Louis County Parks in 1965. The department operated it during the summer months at Sylvan Spring Park until 1980. The St. Louis County Historic Buildings Commission and Faust Cultural Heritage Foundation raised enough money to restore the carousel to its original beauty and installed it in a climate controlled building in Faust Park in 1987.

At a buck a ride, I’d bet on any of these horses to win a girl’s heart, place her trust or show her affection.  You are going to want to double down on these ponies.

I’ve uploaded a YouTube video of the Faust Park Carousel.  I’ve overlaid the carousel’s soundtrack with Calliope music that I had recorded last June.  It is from the Calliope with Circus Flora.  It was intermission and an old Calliope was playing in the parking lot. 

Anne, Dan, Dave and I wish all our friends and family a Merry Christmas.

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