Sith agus Slainte’ bha

Which is Celtic for Peace and Good Health to you! 

Saturday night Anne and I attended a Christmas cookie making party.  In addition to the usual holiday party activities of eating, drinking and talking, This party also had interactive food preparation going on.  It was hosted by Joe, a friend from my work and has been going on for some fifteen years.  We were invited last year also, but had something else to do. This party was well-organized and lots of fun too.  They had an industrial scale assembly line going making cookie icing, coloring the icing and pouring it in to bags with tips for spreading.  Once a dozen bags of different color icing were assembled, the decorating began.  It was exciting to see adults and children work together. 

Anne and I baked cookies in the afternoon and brought them to share.  We made Key Lime Melt-Aways.  When it was time for us to go, we collected a plate of cookies from all the ones that were made and brought to share.  So how many lights does your Christmas tree have on it?  Joe’s tree had 4,500!  That’s a lot of lights.  😮

The picture with this post is of a Male Downy Woodpecker.  It is hanging onto the suet feeder, as seen from the bedroom window.  We just got the bird feeders up last weekend.  It looks like this weekend’s cold snap has brought the birds to us.

On Sunday, I went biking in the Park for the first time in a week.  It was cold, twenty-two and windy.  Riding around in the cold, I felt pretty comfortable.  Probably not too surprising since I was wearing twenty-five items of clothing.  I only saw four other cyclists.  I got sixteen miles.

We picked Dave up at the airport on Sunday evening.  His flight landed early, so we had to scramble to get there on time.  It turned out that he had a checked bag so we ended up going to the cell phone lot.  There is an LED billboard at this lot that announces the status of the arriving flights.  Looking at all the delayed and canceled flights originating out of the southeast and east coasts, I had an epiphany.  Dave had been originally scheduled to fly home on Saturday night.  He had been routed through Atlanta.  He would have flying into the teeth of the winter storm that has just pounded the coast.  Waiting a day and connecting through Detroit allowed him to skip around this winter mess.

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