Accumulated Enemies Review

The gallery of photos with this post show selected works from each of the four artists that were featured in Friday’s show, Accumulated Enemies.  The first row shows three of Daniel Axe’s pieces.  The first one, Mis-Guided Missiles, was the centerpiece of the show.  The second row has Caitlin Ayer’s art works.  The third row belongs to Michael Haffner and his triptych entitled, It’s all fun and games, until someone loses an eye.  The last row shows three of Annie Neiman’s works.  I like the pig a lot.  Joanie, Anne and I went to go see the show together.  After the show we walked across the street to the Maya Cafe for dinner.  Anne swung by again Saturday afternoon when the show had a second showing.  Review? In my humble opinion I think that it was a great show, probably Dan’s and Annie’s best so far.  I’m sure Caitlyn and Michael were equally pleased with their showings.  Special thanks to Valerie and her eyelashes.

Saturday was boxing day, as in boxing up gifts and shipping them out-of-town.  Anne waited forty-five minutes to mail her packages at the post office.  Anne expects all of her packages to arrive in time for Christmas.  I had to wait until after three o’clock for my package to arrive.   When it arrived, I quickly re-distributed its contents into the already prepared envelopes and headed to the UPS store.  The UPS pickup had already occurred, so none of my packages will go out until Monday.  The good news is that for destinations east of the Rockies my packages should arrive in time.  The bad news is that the western destination won’t make in time for Christmas.  Anyway they are all out the door.  Now, I can start concentrating on gift giving for the Saint Louis area.

Dave was quoted in the University of Rochester Biomedical Engineering Society’s latest newsletter, for the first time, I might add.  He was interviewed about his participation in the Biomedical Engineering Society conference earlier this fall.  At the conference, he was invited to a private reception, that was hosted by representatives of Biomedical Engineering educational programs from around the country.  David is quoted as saying, ” This opportunity gave me a chance to learn about the variations between the different programs and allowed me to curtail my list of potential graduate schools.”  His new short list includes Case Western Reserve University, Northwestern University, University of California, Berkeley, and Duke University.  MIT and Michigan have dropped off the list.  I don’t know about MIT, but for Michigan it must have been about this year’s football season.  😉

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  1. Does that mean that he sees Northwestern’s football program on the rise to becoming a powerhouse? And he would also run the risk of becoming a Cubs fan.

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