What is the difference between a four-wheel drive vehicle and a rent-a-car?

You can drive a rent-a-car anywhere. 

This was a joke that was told at a Christmas Luncheon on Friday.  It neatly summarizes the lunchtime conversation.  It doesn’t take much for a bunch of guys to get onto a conversation about cars.  What precipitated this particular conversation was a report about three men on business travel.  All three were arrested for doing donuts in a parking lot, in a rent-a-car.  Unfortunately for these three gents there was a police cruiser sitting there, quietly, in the dark.  The cops thought that they were doing it to taunt them.  Our intrepid trio had to call their boss, who was also on this trip, and ask him to bail them out.

An analogous, but much more innocuous incident happened to me at O’Connell’s in Saint Louis.  After dinner I was backing out of my parking spot and misjudged the narrowness of the lanes and hit the parked car across from me.  I stopped the car in the middle of the lane and got out to view the damage.  As I was inspecting the sizeable dent that I had just put in the rear quarter panel of this car, a trio of businessmen came out of the restaurant.  One of them asks in an accusatory tone, “Did you just hit that car?”  I meekly answered yes.  He then said, “Don’t worry, It’s only a rent-a-car.”

Pictured to the left are the four artists that comprised the art show, Accumulated Enemies.  Left to right we have Annie Neiman,Caitlin Ayer, Daniel Axe and Michael Haffner.  Their art show was a success.  Anne, Joanie and I previewed it and then went to dinner at the Maya Cafe, across the street.  Photos of the artist’s artworks are to follow.  I just hope that my photos do the artist’s work justice.

The following video is another contribution from my brother Frank.  I’m definitely rooting for the Chargers now.  I hope that they go all the way to the Super Bowl.  That way, I’ll get a lot more good content from Frank.  One minor criticism though, I was just a little bit disappointed that he didn’t end this video with his signature toot.  Whoo Hoo!  😉

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