Accumulated Enemies

The Riverfront Times, a free weekly newspaper here in Saint Louis, has in its online edition a weekly calendar.  If you click on any given day, say just for example today, Friday, the eighteenth of December, there is a list of the three best things to do in Saint Louis on that day.  Number two on the list for today is the opening of the art show, Accumulated Enemies.  This is Dan and Annie’s art show.  If you look over to the righthand side of this website there is a picture there that details the show’s particulars.  Here is the Paul Friswold’s Riverfront Times write-up and here are three cheers to imagined worlds, Hip-Hip-Hooray!  Hip-Hip-Hooray!  Hip-Hip-Hooray!  Is that unabashed enough for you?

In other news, I got my H1N1 vaccine this week.  I got it at work, so it was free to me.  I was too old to be eligible for the nasal spray, so I got the old needle.  Fortunately the nurse who gave me my shot was very gentle.  I had already gotten the regular flu vaccine earlier this flu season.  Have you gotten yours?

On Wednesday, I heard on NPR’s news that the Saint Louis Salvation Army’s holiday drive is falling short this year of its goal.  Later, when I got to the grocery store a policeman was taking the report of a just stolen red kettle from the attending bell-ringer.  Whoever stole it must have taken both the kettle and the stand that it hangs from.  I overhead the bell-ringer describing the lock as I walked into the store.  Thursday night the bell-ringer was back with a new kettle and stand.  I could see that the kettle was padlocked to the stand.

Ron sent me this link to a KSDK-TV news article about Edward Crim the blogging artist behind Forest Park 365.  Being a Park-o-phile myself, I found the interview rather interesting.  Edward must be counting down the days.  His project necessitated him being in the Park every day.  He did great work.

This week YouTube released a list of its most popular videos.  This is the first time that they have done this since 2005.  The list includes, Susan Boyle’s debut on Britain’s Got Talent, I fell in love with this video as soon as it came out; David After Dentist, nah, I’d rather substitute Sound of Music at Central Station Antwerp;  JK Wedding Entrance Dance, I reported on this already, I still like it; but now my new favorite, Evian Roller Babies.

Tonight Saturday is the last night of Hanukkah.  Today’s header is an animated GIF in honor of this holiday.  I hope that I got it right.  Anyway, Happy Hanukkah!

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