Today’s header features a large flock of birds.  They are either starlings or grackles.  I don’t know which.  The bird pictured with this post is of course a robin.  It is the last week of November and the robins have not yet flown south for the winter.  Saint Louis has not had its first frost yet either.  If it doesn’t frost this week we will have a new record for the latest first frost.  I even got a mosquito bite this last weekend.  Winter has been slow in coming this year.

While the bird’s normal migration habits seem to have been delayed the same is not true for people.  Today will be the busiest day of the year for airline travel.  Dave is flying home today.  He’ll leave Rochester this morning.  Later in the morning he should change planes in Detroit.  He is scheduled to arrive in Saint Louis just after one in the afternoon.  I’ll work a half-day and pick Dave up after he lands.  Anne has the day off and plans on spending the day cooking.

Not everyone will be winging their way to Saint Louis today.  Rey will work today also and then drive to Saint Louis.  He might hit some rain, hopefully not though.  There won’t be anything worse than rain to worry about, remember winter is slow in coming this year.  We look forward to seeing him again later tonight.

We’ll probably go out to eat at Lemon Grass for some Vietnamese.  We’re shooting for lunch, so we’ll have to measure evaluate Dan’s work schedule versus Dave’s arrival.  We’ll balanced our hunger and these variables and then calculate when we go to eat.  In any event there will be Lemon Grass dishes at our Thanksgiving table.  So cross your fingers folks, things might not go according to plan, but then again, I might just end up with more blog fodder.

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