Happy Thanksgiving!

First off I want to wish you all a happy Thanksgiving holiday.  This fine American holiday is again upon us today.  Dave and Rey both made it to Saint Louis on time.  Wednesday, I worked the morning and picked Dave up at the airport.  We rendezvoused with Anne and Dan at Lemon Grass a Vietnamese restaurant on South Grand.  We are all pictured above walking out of Lemon Grass after lunch.  It has been August since the four of us have all been together.  Dan left for work after lunch.  The bag Anne is holding is full of tofu, Lemon Grass tofu, for Thanksgiving.

Dave told us about his job fair trip last month.  Rochester flew him and a plane full of other Seniors down to NYC.  They landed at JFK and were bused up to Columbia University for the fair.  Even in this down economy there were plenty of representatives from industry, government and education.  Anyway, Dave must have been styling.  I have seen the price of his interview suit.  I haven’t actually seen the suit and I have no pictures of him in it.  🙁

He picked up plenty of trinkets while at the job fair.  He got a bag and a water bottle from Michigan, a pocket stapler from UTA, but he only got a pen from NASA.  His favorite trinket was a cowboy hat from Texas (Austin).  Unfortunately he hasn’t gotten any call backs from any of the interviews.  In fact only one other student has gotten just one.  Time to put in those graduate school applications.

By the time Rey arrived (around nine), Dave was already out the door to visit with his old high school buddies:  “Hi Rey.”  “Hi Dave.”  Tomorrow we’ll see more of him.  Other then some strong winds, Rey’s drive was uneventful.  Coincidentally, I received this great gift from Carl on Wednesday.  Thank you, Carl!  I’ll share it with the rest of you, once the hubbub dies down around here.  Anyway all our guests have arrived.  Let the games begin.

2 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Happy T-Day to you too.
    I feel your limited time with the family gathering. We had about 3 days in Tennessee with all of us in August. The real time was limited by Rey’s job, but still we were all together so it was special.
    We are thankful he is with family today, even if it is not us.

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