Dancing in the Streets, the Movie

Last Saturday, Saint Louis held its Dancing in the Streets Festival.  I posted still photography about the event the subsequent day.  However, due to my personal computer issues, I could not process any of the video that I took of that event until now.  Not that this video is all that good.  Whoops, sorry girls, blame the camera MAN, me bad, you are all definitely lookin’ great!

Work on Thursday started off on a nice note.  I was walking into the building and noticed an older man about ten feet behind me.  I held the door for him and he thanked me and asked how I was doing.  I said fine and returned the question.  He said great!  Today is my last day.  I looked concerned, then noticed the silver in his hair.  He confirmed my guess when he said that he was retiring that day.  That was the sublime portion of my work day, the ridiculous part came at the end of the day.  I was working late when promptly at six the lights went off.  I got up to turn them back on, figuring that every twenty minutes or so I would have to it again.  Less than a minute later they went off again.  This was repeated several times.  I even tried taping the light switches up, in the on position, but that didn’t work either.  I talked to one of the guys down the hall who was also working in the dark.  He said that the lights use to never go off, but they got fixed.  I guess that they will need to be “fixed” again.

PS – Rey arrived last night.

2 thoughts on “Dancing in the Streets, the Movie

  1. 1. Thanks for the Reyport
    2. Our lights go off if they don’t see you move, but flailing your arms usually gets them back on.
    3. I wanted to see more of the flash mob doing the YMCA thing. Those girls were awesome.

  2. Your lights go off automatically at 6? A lot of mornings when I get to work, the lights (or most of them) have not been turned on yet. Anyone can turn them on and sooner or later someone always does. I always enjoy working in the dark for a bit until that happens.

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