Rey Has Arrived

Rey on his cell under the All-Star Arch

On Friday, I had to go into work early.  Rey had arrived in Saint Louis from Fort Knox on Thursday night.  Anne took Rey out to breakfast at the Cooperella Cafe.  Since the restaurant is just around the corner from Dan’s apartment, not surprisingly, Dan joined them too.  After breakfast they toured Dan’s apartment.  Dan had to go to work then, so Rey and Anne decided to go tour Belfontaine Cemetery.  Belfontaine is one of the older cemeteries in Saint Louis.  They returned home by way of the Park.  Rey is pictured standing under the All-Star Arch that is in front of the Grand Basin.  By the time that I got home, Rey had left for downtown and Friday night’s Cardinal game. This has been a long and hectic work week.  On Friday night, Anne and I had tickets to the Rep’s Amadeus show, that is launching this year’s season.

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