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Once more we delve back into the past and have un-earthed another family treasure.  One wonders, how deep is this well?  As you all will find out in future posts, it is much deeper then even I figured.

In this movie, both of my brothers collaborated, to create another masterpiece.  It is called The Boomer and Loomer Movie.  Boomer and Loomer were Chris and mine childhood stuff animals.  They are raccoons and I think that they were originally from FAO Schwartz.  In the movie,  Boomer and Loomer are on a secret mission to knock out a top secret lab.  And yes, that is Charlie Brown of Peanuts fame working in the secret lab.  Things are going well until there nemesis Oink the Warthog shows up and foils their attempt.  According to Chris, Loomer is the smart one, “You can tell by looking at him!”  The movie ends with a bang when Boomer and Loomer’s car crashes into a wall.

I’ve been having quite a few computer problems, as of late.  On Thursday night, on my way back from Seattle, I dropped my bag, with my laptop still inside of it.  When I eventually got home that night, the laptop wouldn’t boot.  The error message on the screen, said that the hard drive was disconnected.  After some effort, I figured out how to open up the device.  The miniature hard drive, about the size of a pack of three by five cards, fell out.  I placed it back into its tray and reconnected its ribbon cable, which unlike a desktop computer’s much more substantial ribbon cable, is as thin a ribbon.  Anyway I eventually got the laptop to work and I am now typing this post on it.  This leads me to the second chapter in my tale of computer woe.

Tuesday night the desktop computer just up and died.  It just plain went flatline, no fans whirling, no drives spinning, no sign of life.  I opened it up, wiggled all the wires, changed plugs, nothing worked.  I think that it is a power supply problem.  I took it into a local repair store on Wednesday night.  I had to pay them sixty buck upfront, just to leave the computer with them and they probably won’t get to it until next week.  In the mean time Anne and I are using the laptop.  I’ve got it hardwired into the DSL router, which helps quite a bit on the internet, much faster then wireless, don’t ya know.  I got the desktop’s mouse to plug and play, so that I don’t have to use the damm touch pad.  Did you know that the touch pad was invented in Saint Louis?  So I’ll just hunker down until next week.  If worst comes to worst, Dell is now selling desktops, starting at only $250.  At that price I’m wondering why I spent sixty bucks.

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