Frank’s Camera

The preceeding video is a claymation creation from my utter brother, Frank.  Unlike the preceeding two movies, that were posted this week from brother Chris, this one is brand new,  plus it has sound.  It represents a new hobby of Frank’s.   He promises that there will be more movies made as he gets better.  This was just a first attempt.  He built the dog puppet using an aluminum wire armature with clay added on top of it (see picture below). He hopes to do a regular show on the web.  I went onto YouTube and found these two other, lesser creations, Dog Dump and Green Guy, that he has made.  As you might expect, Frank is into dogs.

Also of possible interest to readers is that last week (or the week before?) Frank visited Ann Arbor.  He visited with old friends from when we use to live there.   They went to Barton Pond and the old house off of Huron River Drive.  He was also able to retrieve the long lost movie, Return of the Wart Hogs, that one of his friends had kept all of these many years.  I look forward to posting it.

Claymation dog skeleton
In other news, I got a call from the computer repair  store.  They had bad news, a fried motherboard.  The replacement cost of the motherboard looked to be more than buying a new computer, so I said thanks, but no thanks,  About all that I’ll get for my sixty dollar deposit is a backup copy of the hard drive.  I’ll be ordering a new refurbished Dell desktop tonight … Done, for only $400!  Specifications include, an Inspiron 537 Minitower with Intel Pentium Dual Core Processor (2.5 GHz), 4 GB RAM and 500 GB disk.  OBTW, the repair guy that I spoke with earlier today, suggested that I look for the exact same model that I had crashed.  I check on the Dell site and they were charging a whopping $1,600 and for an older inferior model.

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