WordPress is offering a new widget, SoundCloud.  Unfortunately, I have not been able to get the embedded widget to work.  So here are some links to some audio uploads that I have made to SoundCloud: Cicadas, Wedding Bells of Montreal’s Notre Dame.  Try them out, even though they are not as fancy an an embedded widget, they still sound the same.

I got a personal parking place at work this week.  This is the one public sign of my promotion this month.  I can hardly wait to find someone else parking in my spot.  Overall it was a good week at work.  The picture with today’s post was taken by Dan.  It shows him playing footsie with Annie.  Today’s header was shot out the window of the plane on my way up to Montreal.

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  1. Hi RegenAxe, I’m using SoundCloud on my blog and it works fine. Take at look at my post I would be more than happy to hel you add the SoundCloud tracks to your blog. Just let me know. I’ll go over to SoundCloud now and give your music a listen.
    Thanks for the post.

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