Cabin Daze

Dan and Annie had to leave and return to Saint Louis so we posed for the family portrait on the steps. Fran did the honors. We had to do this by eight twenty in the morning because Bubs had to get to water exercise. This worked out well enough, Dan and Annie got an early launch.

Afterwards Anne, Dave and I drove into town. Anne and I joined Bubs and Harry at the launder mat, while Dave enjoyed coffee at the internet café. Afterwards Anne, Dave and I went to Clyde’s for lunch. We ate at the counter and thus enjoyed our lunches without having to share them with any of our avian friends.

The previous day Dan, Annie and Dave went up to Whitefish Point. I’ve included some photos that they took there. The three pictures of each of them with the moose are obviously staged, but look like they were having fun.

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