Ten Bowl Curry

Dan, Annie and Dave launched in the morning towards Whitefish Point. They went to the falls and then the shipwreck museum. Picture and details to follow in subsequent postings. We walked the beach with Bubs and Harry. With the Cabin clear, Anne and I swept. I snag a picture of a couple Warblers. After lunch, BLTs, I went over to Fran’s porch and tried photographing hummingbirds.

I went biking after lunch. I biked to Brimley, mailed Dan’s postcards and continued on towards M-28. I got a little discouraged by the fast traffic, So I turned around to head back to the Cabin. I came upon Mill Road, about a mile north of M-28 and turned off on it. I immediately saw the pair of Sandhill Cranes pictured in today’s header. A little further down Mills I got chased by a pair of dogs. I turned onto Bound Road and biked back to M-28. I could have gone further, but I decided to turn around again. Back on Mills road I saw a para-sailor take off in the field next to me, just after I had passed him. He circled around me and even followed me back to Brimley. With my bright yellow helmet, I must have been easy to find. I got seventeen miles.

The title of this post comes from the supper dish that Anne prepared. One of the side dishes was coconut and I got Bubs and Harry to re-stage the famous coconut tale. Jay, Carl and Ashlan arrived at the cabin in the evening. Dan, Annie and Dave arrived just in time for dinner. So we had a dinner party of ten people to go with the ten dish curry.

2 thoughts on “Ten Bowl Curry

  1. The GG, who spent a whole afternoon sitting out there watching hummers with Fran (and her new “light”, other one to be done this coming Monday) says that this bird is the “young one”. He is impressed by the photo quality and so am I!!!

  2. I know that bird! The short beak suggests that it is a juvenile. I watched the feeder very closely last week – I think there we have to young-uns and an adult pair. We also may have other intruders. The male ruby-ruby-ruby-throat is spectacular.

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