God is Great, Beer is Good, People Are Crazy

Anne, Aimee and I went for a bike ride. We loaded the bikes on to the back of the car and first drove to the Dancing Crane for espresso. Our next stop was the lighthouse on Point Iroquois. We arrived just in time to see the Soo Locks Boat Tour go by. Anne got the better shot, because she was quicker. We walked around and finished our lattes. There was a construction crew erecting an interpretive center there. We got on our bikes and headed west. We stopped at the national forest picnic area and walked around. The picnic area was also under construction. We rode through the Bayview campground that was sporting new out-houses. We rode on to the hatchery, which was closed for construction too. Detecting a theme here yet? Maybe iot is the stimulus money?? We sailed back to the lighthouse, stopping only at the Point Iroquois store (for &Ms), which is now under new management. Pictured above is a pair of women who peddlepedal their bums, Pooh and UKW (Uber-Kykling Women). We got twenty miles. Afterwards it was a perfect beach day.  This post’s title is courtesy of Carl and Ashlan, who are on a country music binge.  Today’s header was not Photoshopped.

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