Cabin Dayz

Betty, Edward and Aimee came out to visit in the morning. Betty walked the beach and then Pooh, Gene and I joined them at Fran’s. We kvetched for a while, I showed some pictures from Quebec and then they had to go. I took my inaugural bath this morning. Lake Champlain is warmer then Lake Superior. The kids went onto the Soo for lunch. I went for a bike ride. I rode out to the lighthouse. I got 37 kilometers (23 miles).

After dinner Anne, Dan and Annie played Scrabble.  This is Anne’s game of world domination.  Anne won, but Dan was a close second.  This morning we were discussing dreams.  Dan was plotting the course of how an ore boat could possibly ram the cabin.  It would have to be coming down bound, with a pretty good head of steam.  It would have to make as wide a turn as it could, so as not to lose way in the channel.  Leaving the channel, it would have to hug the west coast of Round Island.  Even so, it would still end up stranded on the third sandbar.

2 thoughts on “Cabin Dayz

  1. Best freighter dream ever: I was standing in our cabin looking out the front window. Suddenly, a freighter came screaming along the old road from the direction of Don/Katie’s house. It turned toward the beach just in time to miss the cabin, and kind of lurched into the lake with a huge splash.

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