The Bicycling Bird Paparazzi

heron and egret 4b

Wednesday I biked in the early morning, before work, when it was still relatively cool.  Anne biked at noon, after it had already gotten hot.  I got sixteen miles.  Anne got nineteen miles.  I saw the Snowy Egret and Green Heron pictured with this post.  Anne saw a Great White Egret, a Snowy Egret, a Yellow Crowned Night Heron and a female Wood Duck with ducklings.  Anne took today’s header, it shows a flying Great White Egret.  I think that you get the idea.  We are the bicycling bird paparazzi of Forest Park.  Some birds preen for the camera, some just run fly away.  Some birds ignore the camera and go about their bird business, some cannot take their eyes of of it.  What kind of bird are you?

Thursday I also biked in the early morning, before work again.  I has already noticeably hotter then Wednesday.  Today is going to hot, hot, hot!  I got fifteen miles.  I saw and photographed a Great Egret and a Snowy Egret, a Green Heron and a Black Crowned Night Heron (see below) and Mallard ducklings and Wood Duck ducklings.  I believe that the Egrets have begun to nest and I think that I know where one of the Snowy Egret nests is located.  Anne walked today, but didn’t see any water fowl, except one limping Mallard.

Our friend and teammate on Team Kaldi, Nancy, was written up in the Post today.  The article describes a bad bicycle crash that she had and the steps that she took on the road to recovery.  Nancy and Stu will be joining us on our trip to Quebec this summer.

Work today and my life in general can both frequently be described as a circus.  Tonight, Anne, Joanie and I are running away to a real circus, Circus Flora that is.  Circus Flora is Saint Louis’ circus.  It off season’s here in Faust Park.  Unlike a Broadway play, that first takes the show on the road, before returning home, Circus Flora first performs in Saint Louis, before touring on the road.

Black Crowned Night Heron 2

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