The picture with today’s post is from Chris.  It is an interesting perspective shot of the roof and the rooftop sign of a WhatABurger stand.  If memory serves me correctly, he shot this photo on a visit to Saint Louis, many years ago.

Last week our neighborhood became a police state, a traffic police state that is.  This is fallout from the New I-64  construction project.  This month the Big Bend bridge closed.  The Hanleybridge has still not been opened yet.  These two main north-south thoroughfares bracket our neighborhood.  Their closings have caused commuter traffic to flood the neighborhood.  The light that I use to exit the neighborhood, on my way to work, has gone from a line up of just a few cars, to a line several blocks long.  The police have stepped in, by making all the northern entrances/exits to the neighborhood, exits only.  They did this without warning and while Joanie was at work.  She was surprised on her return home from work.  In addition to the traffic re-routingthe police have been busy patrolling the neighborhood streets, looking for traffic violators.  They are allowed by Missouri law, to supplement their budget up to thirty-three percent.

Last weekend, we were on Delmar both Thursday and Friday evenings, once for Pi and once for an art opening.  Across the street from us on both evenings was the Pagent, a concert hall.  I noticed that on its rotating billboard of up coming acts was Joan Baez.  My mind’s eye surfed the spectrum of ridiculous and came up with the vision of aged hippies walker-ing into the concert.

Saint Louis blogging made the national news this this last week.  Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately my blog was not involved.  A picture was lifted off a Saint Louis women’s website.  It was a picture of her and her lovely family.  The story goes, that a friend of her was traveling in Europe, in the Czech Republic.  The friend was surprised to see the STL blogger’sfamily portrait on a billboard, advertising a local grocery store.  Apparently she posted full size pictures to her blog.  These high resolution photos were too tempting, being just a right click away.  I’ve seen content lifted from my website.  It was nothing personal, just birds.  I didn’t feel it was necessary to contact the perpetrator.

Ronnay first posted about this about a week ago.  I’m speaking of Google Trails View.  Google has started to extend its Street View to trails.  The first and as of this post only trail that they have published is the Monterey Bike Trail.  This trail just happens to go by my brother, Chris’s job site at the Naval Post-Graduate School.  The following photo catches the shadow of the tricycle that Google is using to photograph with.


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