Happy Blog Birthday!

Blog bday

The RegenAxe web log is one year old today!  Yes dear folks, a year ago today this little blog was started.  I’ve collected some choice photos that have been published over the last year.  Most of the pictures show members of our families and of course there are plenty of photos of Anne and I.  Today’s header shows some fireworks from New Year’s Eve.

At Kayak Women’s insistence I started blogging.  I have blogged almost every day and have certainly posted more then 365 different posts in that last year.  My free WordPress blog isn’t so free after all.  In order to support the blog and gather and process content, I have bought three cameras, two software packages and a domain name and a flickr account. I forgot to add, that I bought a net book too.

Writing the blog everyday is hard work.  I don’t have the gift for gab that other bloggers seem to have.  You know who you are!  Most days though I enjoy the process.  In idle moments throughout the day, I try to collect my thoughts so that in the evening, like now, I actually have something somewhat interesting to say.  I especially enjoy being able to publish a good photograph or to relate a good story.

I always need to work harder on proof reading my own writing.  I rely on Anne for a lot of help in this department.  I don’t even want to talk about spelling.  On these topics, I’ll leave you with this YouTube video, The The Impotence of Proofreading, by Taylor Mali, my favorite teacher poet.

I sometimes worry about the future of this blog, where it is going and such.  Some days I just blather, like I am doing now.  I worry that I am burning through my life experiences at an unsustainable rate, just trying to come up with content to post for that day.  I think about cutting back, maybe just posting once a week or so.  I’ll think about that tomorrow.  Today, I’ll put this post in the can and press the publish button.  Tomorrow is another day.

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