Small Wonder

Small Wonder

The picture with today’s post is courtesy of my brother, Chris.  It is entitled Small Wonder and just looking at it, it is no wonder that my brother is a great photographer.  It is from Santa Barbara, probably thirty years ago.  This picture, along with the other ones that he sent me this last weekend, represents a treasured part of his portfolio.  I will be carefully measuring them out to you, members of the blogosphere, over the coming weeks, so enjoy and savor them.  Today’s header also has a California connection.  It is a shot across a portion of Monterey Bay, from Monterey to the neighboring city of Seaside.  I believe that our parent’s house is along the crest of the far ridgeline, to the far right, actually, probably off camera.  The seaside hotel that is just left of center is plainly visible from the house.  

Staying on the California theme and since this is ostensibly a bicycle blog, I must respond to Liz’s email blast about Mission Bicycles.  I think this is the right shop.  It is on the right street and not only does it have a Zack, but it also has a Zach.  I could ask for corrections, but this request is really superfluous when you are riding with the Valkyrie?  Anyway, the next time I’m in San Fransisco I now know where to go for all my bicycle needs.

Yesterday, after Anne and I got our collective butts kicked by a twenty year old girl (and she seemed so nice), I blogged but feeling fatigued I didn’t tell the whole story.  Yesterday, I saw Dan’s apartment and where he works, for the first time.  Dan’s apartment was both aerie and light.  The aerie part comes from its third floor perch and yesterday’s sunlight lit the apartment up.  All the apartments have an additional airy aspect with their double front doors.  In addition to the conventional front door, each apartment has a louvered barroom door set that would allow cross ventilation on a hot summer night.  After the ride we visited Dan at work.  I was impressed with the store.  I was even more impressed with some of the gaming terrain that they were using, after all I made it.

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