Every Day is Pi Day at Pi

Pi and Knitty Couture

Anne was finally healthy enough to be taken out in public on Monday night.  So for her birthday and for Mother’s Day, Dan, Annie (aka Anna) and I took her to Pi.  Pi is a pizzeria over on Delmar, in U. City, on the Loop, across from the Pageant.  It started to gain notoriety last fall when Barack Obama came to town for his big 100K+ people campaign rally down by the Arch.  While in town he was served take out from Pi.

The stuff really hit the fan after his election, when for his inauguration he chose Pi to do all the pizza for the celebration.  There was a lot of wind that was broken over that decision and almost all of it was vented from the environs of that windy city to the north.  In truth, Pi serves a Chicago style deep dish pizza, but with a Saint Louis style and panache.  The chef from Pi was flown to Washington for the inauguration and the news was soon out about Pi.

The place soon became mobbed.  There were stories in the paper and soon there was a two hour wait for a work day lunch.  It wasn’t near that crowded when we went there, although all the sidewalk seating had been taken.   Dan and Annie had come over to the house on their bicycles.  They had planned to take the leftover pizza.  I would have been mighty curious to know how well it transported on a bicycle.  As it turns out they stayed until after dark and left the pizza here.

Pi is right next door to the Knitty Couture, where on Sunday, Anne was photographed while knitting in public.  The photography was all part of a scavenger hunt, but there was some question as to whether knitting in a yarn store is really countable as “knitting in public”.  So to make the photographic evidence incontrovertible, Anne and several of her Knitty associates walked out of the yarn store and posed outside at one of Pi’s sidewalk tables.

Speaking of knitting the picture below shows Anne modeling her progress at the time of the first of two socks for Jay.  I’m thinking that like yesterday’s Kid Robot post, that she should make her socks a collectible item.  You get one sock at a time and you have to collect or trade for a pair.  Today’s header shows an early ninetieth century family homestead, or at least a reenactment of one.  These people were participating in last Sunday’s Lewis and Clark Departure Days Celebration.  I spoke with a few of them and they were both friendly and knowledgeable.

Sox Porn

OBTW, Pi Day is officially March fourteenth or 3.14.

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  1. Marquis – did you ask the pioneer reenactors if they had an outhouse? and did they use it? and did you tell them you’ve used one for a several decades?

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