Bad Smoking Rabbit

KidRobot Smoking Rabbit

Anne, Joanie and I went to see the new Star Trek movie on last Friday night.  I’ll proudly admit to being a Trekie or as we prefer to be now more politically correct called, Trekers.  I liked the movie and as a true Trekie/Treker, I would gladly recommend the movie to any person with an optimistic spirit.

Dan and Annie came by today.  Annie to pick up a package that she had delivered to the house and Dan to add moral support.  Now we have known Annie for years, so the following story might seem strange.  This week we received a package for an Anna N.  Anne and I went back and forth about who this might be.  Anne called the phone number on the delivery slip.  After a minute or two Anne and Annie figured out that they were speaking to each other.  This whole story is even more amazing when you consider that Dan had left a voice mail explaining the Annie would be shipping a package to our house.

In addition to the whole package escapade, while he was here we presented Dan with his souvenir from New York City, a small Bad Robot figurine.  The picture with this post shows one of the larger figures, a bad smoking rabbit.  Today’s header shows the view from our New York hotel room.

I watched the PBS Mystery show Wallander: Sidetracked.  Kenneth Branagh plays Kurt Wallander, a police inspector in Sweden.  This is the first TV show that I have watched for some time. 

In the opening scene he sees a young girl kill herself by self-immolation, in a field of yellow flowers called rapeseed.  He is subsequently called to investigate a series of grisly ax murders; a serial killer is clearly responsible.  It was the first work that I’ve seen Branagh act in for years.  I enjoyed the show.

Dave called last night, after yesterday’s blog deadline, but since he doesn’t read the blog anyway, who cares.  He did wish his Mother a Happy Mother’s Day.  He said the finals were tough, but that he had expected that and had prepared for that.  He thought that he had done well.  He gave us more insight on his proposed Peru trip.  It is billeted, six slots out of sixty possible candidates and it is for one week.

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