Someone Broke into the House …


… and used my new camera and … and they’re happy.  I have proof of this, as the picture they took shows.  I think that they are the dread Annie and Danny, members of the Pirates of Penzance.  I was cleaning off the camera after tonight’s ride and found it.  Since I did not find it until today, I’m calling this an April Fools day joke, on me.  Today’s header shows some flowers near the Starbucks that I frequent in the morning.

I biked this morning and got fifteen miles.  Anne and I biked this evening and each got ten miles.  This morning I saw the great horn owl again, but I hadn’t brought the camera.  This evening we saw a secretary crane, in the zoo.  Actually we first heard it calling out.  It was behind a screen of bamboo and two chain link fences.  I tried photographing it, but none of the pictures turned out well enough to post.  Too bad though, because I was only about six feet away from it.

Anne got her new glasses today, two pair.  One regular pair and one for biking.  We took it slow on the bikes tonight, so that she could get used to the new glasses.  So far this year, I’ve gotten two new pairs of glasses, Dave has gotten a pair of glasses and Anne has gotten two new pairs of glasses.  Can you think of anyone else who might need a new pair of glasses?

PS — The culprits returned to the scene of the crime tonight and Risk-ing all will attempt to take over the world, tonight.

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