Japanese Garden, Joe Biden and Whales


The picture with today’s post features a bridge in the Missouri Botanical Garden’s Japanese garden.  This bridge and the island that it leads to is open to the public just one day out of the year.  On the left, on the island, is a Japanese tea house.  Today’s header shows a montage of water smoothed black stones, that were inlaid into a white granite foot bridge.  This bridge is also part of the Japanese gardens.

As I was leaving work tonight there was an unusual amount of police activity.  I was passed several times by police cars traveling at high speeds, with their lights on.  What’s more they were all from different municipalities.  As I got onto highway I-170, I noticed that one of the cops that had passed me was now parked on the shoulder, underneath the  airport’s flyway.  Heading south on I-170, I was passed by another half dozen cops, lights blazing, headed north, towards the airport.  Based upon past experience this type of activity is indicative of a presidential or vice presidential visit.  Since Obama is in England, I guess that leaves Joe Biden.  I can’t find any news on the subject though, but I will keep you posted.

Although yesterday was April Fools Day, I’ll leave you with one more joke.  This one is courtesy of NPR and was featured on All Things Considered, last night.  It has a Saint Louis connection, in that the the city of Belleville featured in the story is just across the river in Illinois.  Enjoy!   😉

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