This was originally just a comment, but I think that I’ll recycle it as a post.  Kayak women was asking about cameras and here it is.  

I have aquired now three cameras within the last year. This free blog is not so free after all. The first is a Canon Powershot A570 it was $150 bucks and has now been replaced by the A590, with more features and only $125. The shelf life of these digital cameras seems to be less then six months. I think Dog Mom has the A570 also.

The second I got for xmas and it was ~$200. It is a Kodak Zi6. It is good for movies, but not as good as the canon for pictures, Although it you have the adobe premiere software or something like that you can pull good stills from your movies.

This month I got another Canon, the Powershot SX10IS, for $350. It is in the same class as Sam’s Sony, only newer (remember six months shelf life). I like it and it takes much better pictures, it is a big gun though (get it? Canon, big gun?), not something that you can stuff in your pocket. I don’t think that there is anyway around this though, bigger lens means bigger camera and better pictures. I think it is a physics thing.

Both Canons are fairly complicated, while the Kodak is quite simple. On the Canons I am still using only the automatic modes and there are quite a few of them and have not progressed to the manual modes yet. Both Canons operate very similarly, so if you have a camera now you might want to look at others in that brand. It would help with the learning curve.

I have bought all three through amazon and have been happy. I hope this helps.

I got fifteen miles this morning before work.  Today’s header is a picture Anne took of me at the gardens last weekend.  Just after “posing” for her shot I noticed a little girl lying down with her camera, just like me.  The picture with today’s post is of crocuses, from my point of view.

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  1. first – Jay – very funny.
    second – Marquis – I don’t know why you need to rub it in our faces that you have spring and we don’t.
    that is all.

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