Rainy Day


Today was a rainy day.  This morning we went to REI.  Anne used our dividend and twenty percent off coupon to buy sandals with rubber buggy bumper toes.  I shopped Whole Foods for today’s lunch and dinner, ka-ching.  Later at Borders I got an NYC guide book and a science fiction anthology paperback.  There was no biking today, but we did get out for a bit of a walk, in the afternoon.  With dueling cameras we captured even more flower pictures.  We watched the MSU victory last night and will watch Mizzou play today.  It would be interesting to see the two get to play each other.  Tonight we are expecting snow.

For my friends who come from the land of the ice and snow, today’s header features crab apple blossoms.  There were blooming in the grocery store’s parking lot.  There are two pictures with today’s post.  The first picture shows a male goldfinch perched on one of Anne’s Sheppard crooks, in a driving rain.  She uses the crooks to mount her menagerie of bird feeders.  The second picture with today’s post show a very wet squirrel on the railing of the back porch.  Shot through the bedroom window, the redeye from the camera’s flash gives it a demonic aspect.


2 thoughts on “Rainy Day

  1. I have determined that spring IS in fact coming to the planet. I saw some croci today. although there is a bit of snow forecast for tomorrow.
    is it summer yet?

  2. We got about an inch of snow last night, which is rapidly melting. I keep trying to remember that a slow spring is a good thing in St. Louis, b/c all too soon it will be summer here.


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