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Anne picked up her bike yesterday from VeloCity Cyclery.  She had left it there after last Sunday’s Frost Bike ride, for a tune up.  Yesterday was a professional development day at school, so Anne had the day off.  Yesterday she walked the three miles from our house to VeloCity.  Walking past Fontbonne College, she called Andrew on her cell.  As she walked, they talked and then she continued walking and they continued talking, all the way from Big Bend to Skinker.  She picked up her bike and rode around the Park, nine miles.

I was home from work last night by the time Anne returned from her bike ride.  We had theatre tickets, so Anne showered and changed quickly.  We went out to dinner, to Big Sky Café, but it was crowded and we ended up having to sit at one of the tables in the bar.  It was rather noisy, but the food was good as always.  I had the BBQ salmon and Anne had the strip steak.

The play last night at the Repertory Theater was George Bernard Shaw’s, Saint JoanSaint Joan is based on the life and trial of Joan of Arc.  It was published not long after the canonization of Joan D’Arc to sainthood by the Catholic Church, in the 1920s.  It is said that Saint Joan was Shaw’s only tragedy. 

Shaw advances Joan as a precursor of movements that would soon transform Europe from its medieval slumber to our modern times.  One of her ecclesiastical prosecutors accuses her of fomenting heresy and here he searches for a word, “… a kind of protest-ism.  She bypasses the Church and claims to speak directly with God.”  Likewise the secular lord, the Earl of Winchester, and a member of the first estate, questions her devotion to king and country over her own feudal lord, “This love of France is also a heresy, a kind of nation-ism. 

Shaw is not without his quips, in the epilogue Joan returns as a ghost.  A clerk for the 1920s Church reads a proclamation admonishing people of France for having erected so many statues to her.  Joan asks if this means that there is a statue of her in front of Winchester Cathedral.  The clerk answers, “No, unfortunately Winchester is temporarily under the control of the Anglican heresy.”

I went into work this morning, trying to get a presentation ready for Monday.  Anne rode her fourth Frost Bike ride this morning, entitling her to the t-shirt, symbolizing success.  The picture for today’s post shows Anne and her fellow riders, at VeloCity café, after the ride.  Anne also bumped into Joanie there, small town?  Anne decided to join Team Revolution, a women’s bike club.  She got twenty miles today.  I worked until two and then came home for a bike ride.  Did I mention that the high for today was in the mid-fifties?  The snow melt was a bit messy, but overall it was nice to be out and about on such a gorgeous afternoon.  I got fifteen miles.

Today’s header shows a photographer, assistant and a very cold looking model.  They were working in the Park today.  I think I annoyed the photographer by taking this picture, but I figure it was a noteworthy sight and I was standing in the street, in a public park.

I leave you tonight with some humor, thanks to a website called Old Jews Telling Jokes.  I think that it has just started up, as there are only three jokes on the website so far.  All three are good, but I especially like the broccoli joke. 

OK, one for the road, a physics based joke, that I heard on NPR this morning, “A proton walks into a black hole.”   😉

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