Pooh’s Birds

Anne (aka Pooh) has been running a collection of bird feeders in the back yard for quite a few years.  She has two metal poles, with a feeder or two on each, and a chain in between, with a suet feeder on it, plus one more feeder hanging off the garage.  It makes for quite the avian smorgasbord.

Anne loves her bird guests.  She gets: juncoes, cardinals, sparrows, (Eurasian Tree, white throated and house) Carolina wrens, chickadees (rarely), flickers, woodpeckers, (downy and hairy), red and yellow bellied sapsuckers, mourning doves, goldfinches and house finches, and more other birds then I can keep track of.  Depending on the seed mix in use, she also gets house sparrows and starlings and grackles and red-winged blackbirds. But she doesn’t like them as much.  And then there are the furry squirrelly birds, the ones that don’t fly.  So far this year they haven’t been in much evidence.

The movie with this post is one that Anne shot on our back porch.  A Carolina Wren had gotten trapped in the porch.  Maybe the sleet had confused it?  Anne opened the screen door and stepped back out of the way and filmed the bird.  In order to see the bird very well, you need to go to high definition mode.

Today’s header shows signs of a Wednesday bird death in the snow.  The perpetrator of this death is not entirely clear.  Last Sunday we saw a Cooper’s hawk stalking the backyard bird feeders.  My prime suspect though is the Alpha Predator, the neighbor’s cat, from across the street.  But like the butler, I always suspect the cat.

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