This post’s title comes courtesy of Sam of Archaeofacts, a gynandromorph  is an organism that contains both male and female characteristics.  If you follow the link you’ll see that the organism in question is a cardinal.  I’m sure she sent the link due to the many pictures of birds that I have posted.  Today’s header is a perfect example.  It shows a very male wood duck from the Park this morning.

The gynandromorphy tie in to today is that picture of that very confused looking cardinal.  The confusion of that bird sort of matches my confusion about today’s game.  I guess I’ll root for the Cardinals, but I am also somewhat ambivalent about them.  They left Saint Louis under a cloud.  They tried to sneak out of town like the Baltimore Colts did, but were caught by the media.  While they were in town they were sometimes known as the Cardiac Cards, due to some brushes with success, which were characterized by exciting close games, come-from-behind nail biters, and several frustrating near-misses.  Usually though they were know as the Football Cardinals, in order to distinguish them from their more successful baseball brethren, who have always been referred to as The Cardinals.

The other Saint Louis connection is Kurt Warner.  Kurt was quarterback for the Saint Louis Rams when they first won and then lost the only two times Saint Louis has been in the super bowl.  Kurt was eventually cut from the Rams and picked up by the Arizona Cardinals.  When he and his team are in good form, he leads a powerful offense, when they are not, it can be painful to watch.

The movie with today’s post shows this year’s final Frost Bike ride.  It of course has no relationship with gynandromorphy, being entirely feminine.   The weather was nice, certainly much nicer then last Sunday and Anne road with the women again today.  I rode around the Park and then played paparazzi.  Anne got 22 miles and I got 20 miles today.

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