Point Lobos


This post shows another Pano from my brother Chris.  The subject of this Pano is Point Lobos.  Point Lobos is a state reserve, located just south of Carmel by the Sea.  This picture shows just one on the many beautiful views that are available in the park.  Not only is there the rugged beauty of  watching the ocean dashing itself over the cragged California coastline, but the park abounds with wildlife.  Common water fowl roosting in the park include pelicans and cormorants.  Sea otters and sea lions navigate the swirling waves with impunity.  In season you can see migrating whales breech and spout.


Last night Anne, Joanie and I went to go see the movie,  The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.  It was a good movie, although at 168 minutes, it was long.  My legs were stiff and I started walking home, while Anne and Joanie stayed to watch the credits.  I got about halfway home before they picked me up.  The movie is based in concept upon an F. Scott Fitzgerald short story by the same name.  It stars Brad Pitt in the title role and Cate Blanchett as his life long love.  Pitt as Button is born as an old man and throughout the movie grows younger as everyone else around him grows older.  The character Pitt plays is reministic of the one he played in Legends of the Fall.  Benjamin Button  is sure Oscar bait.  Although I still like Slumdog Millionaire  better, I think Button  has the edge for best picture.

I biked this morning in the Park.  It was cold and windy.  I got 15 miles.

Anne and I went to the botanical gardens this afternoon.  The morning’s clouds had blown away by then, letting the sun shine through.  We mainly stayed to the buildings, because of the cold and wind.  Our glasses fogged upon entering the Climatron.  Between the two of us we took almost four hundred pictures.  The picture above is one of them.  It is a Clanwilliam Daisy.  It was taken with the Kodak’s macro lens. 

And now to round out this post, how about a small link dump:

With just over two weeks to go, what did people ever see in him?  Bushisms.

Three of my favorite Vimeo videos include, Lip Dub Pop Muzik, Wishing You a Merry ‘Vintage’ Christmas!, and Fifty People, One Question: Brooklyn.

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