She Loves Me

john-lennon-2What happens when four SoCal blokes impersonate four Liverpool blokes?  You have four of the stars of Beatlemania and the stars of the show, She Loves Me.  They actually prefer the term, tribute band, rather then impersonators.  We all enjoyed the the show.  We being Anne, Joanie and I.  They were all good musicians and you can’t fault their material.  The live performance was augmented by vintage sixties stills and video.  One movie clip showed a young Rosie O’Donnell gushing over the Beatles.  We went to the Sunday “brunch” show, at Westport Plaza.  After the show we ate at Casa Gallardo.  It has been a long time since we visited the Westport Casa Gallardo, once a favorite watering hole of Anne’s technical staff meeting fame.

The John actor bore the most striking resemblance to his namesake.  Paul’s actor looks more like Paul looks today, then what Paul looked like in the sixties.  Ringo looked somewhat like Ringo, but George didn’t look all that much like George.  The show consisted of a series of sets that corresponded to the different Beatles albums.  The actors changed costumes for each set, to reflect the evolution of the Beatles.

Their show begins with an introduction by Ed Sullivan, live on tape.  In full costume, the band is wearing the grey collarless suits of the 60’s.  The second set covers songs from the Rubber Soul album through to Revolver.  They are again in full costume, this time with black velvet collared shirts, famously synonymous with the original Beatles.  The third set covers the Sergeant Pepper phase of psychedelic coloured guitars, longer hair and moustaches through to the White album.  The final set comprises the Abbey Road and Let It Be era.  They wear the same clothes worn on the cover of Abbey Road.

I rode Sunday morning in the Park, before the show.  I squeezed in 20 miles.  Saturday’s big rain storm had passed, leaving a bright Sunday morning.  Today I started riding in the Park, but since the weather was so nice I decided to explore some on the environs around the Park.  One interesting place that I discovered was Washington Terrace.  Washington Terrace is a residential private street, just north of the Park.  It is a private place that was laid out in 1892.  A precursor to today’s modern gated communities.  The picture below shows the street’s gate house.  It is modeled after a French Norman clock tower.  I got 25 miles in with today’s ramble.


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