Juggling Jogger


You know when you see something and wish that you had a camera, well today I did.  This post’s picture is of a juggling jogger.  The shorts and t-shirt that he is wearing bespeaks the mid-sixties weather we enjoyed today.  And yes I did have his permission to photograph him.  As interesting as his exercise regimen is he is not the most unusual sight that I have seen on the Park’s bike path.  Earlier this year I saw a deer, which is strange considering that the Park in in the middle of  the Saint Louis metropolitan area.  I have also seen wild turkeys, including one that exploded from its roost, right beside the bike trail, as I rode by it on a pre-dawn ride.  That was a wake up!  No the most interesting sight that I have seen on the bike trail goes to the guy with the snake.  It was a warm summer evening and this guy was naked to the waist.  Across his shoulders and the back of his neck was a twelve foot python.  The snake was also coiled around each of his arms.  He was walking slowly and frequently stopped to engage people in conversation.

I rode once around the Park’s bike trail and then decided to head over to Tower Grove Park.  I got 25 miles.  Today’s header shows the Chinese Pavilion in Tower Grove Park.  Tower Grove Park was founded 1868 and according to the Tower Grove Park website:

The Chinese Pavilion is a reflection of the “Chinoiserie” popular in pre-Victorian England and visible in the Chinese Chippendale fencing used elsewhere in Tower Grove Park, this pavilion, in the Anglo-Chinese style — complete with dragons of sheet metal guarding upper and lower corners of the roof! — was designed by Henry Thiele. In keeping with the Anglo-Chinese style, the six pairs of columns supporting the concave-hipped roof are painted lacquer red. Appropriately, Shaw and his horticulturist Gurney surrounded the Chinese Pavilion with a grove of Ginkgo trees. 

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