Chris’ Camera


This picture is a panoramic picture of the view from my folk’s backyard.  You are looking down on Monterey bay.  Unfortunately, the format of this website can’t do it justice.  It is too wide, too panoramic to fit into the narrow 700 pixel constraints of this website.  I’ve included a postage stamp version of the photo with this post and just a segment of the panorama for today’s header.

My camera has a poor man’s way to make panoramic pictures and I use it frequently to make the daily headers.  Chris attended a photography class this year, where he learned how to take these panoramic pictures.  He also has a special tripod for these photos.  With my method, if you take more then two photos and then stitch them together the ends of the resulting picture begin to curve up.  The more photos that are stitched together, the more pronounced is the curvature.  Chris’ tripod counter-rotates the camera so that the curvature is eliminated.  The photo for this post shows a flat horizon.

Since you can’t really see what the original photo showed, I’ll try describing the scene.  Starting from the left-hand side is Monterey.  The airport is in the left-center.  Sand City is in the right-center, followed by Seaside.  On the right-hand side, in the background, is the Santa Cruz peninsula, the northern half of Monterey bay, some twenty miles away.  It must have been a very clear day.

About the airport, my folk’s house is about 1100 feet above sea-level.  So that when airplanes come into land, they pass below the house.  It is an interesting perspective looking down on a 737 on final.  I’ve landed at Monterey and sitting on the port side of the airplane looked up to see the house.

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