Back to the Future, i.e. Today

I got up at seven, noodled around on the computer until eight, checked the radar and decided I had to go if I was going to beat the rain.  I woke Anne up going into the bedroom for my sunglasses.  She felt left out that I wouldn’t  wait for her.  We had planned to skip the Fun Club ride because of the Mississippi flooding and had planned to do the Katy Trail along the Missouri.  The radar had a different opinion.I launched towards the Park with a looming dark grey mass of clouds over my shoulder.   I had gotten 10 miles in when I called Anne for a weather update.  She suggested I should head back.  Later, my brother called, but by then it had already started to rain so I couldn’t talk.  My lovely spouse (aka spovely louse ) had suggested that he call me and ask me how much I’ve been delayed by this call.  Let’s cut to the chase, I didn’t make it.  I got soaked.  I had my cell with me, but it survived.  My bike is due for an overhaul anyway.  Just 15 miles for the day.When I got home I felt vindicated in not waiting for Anne, after all, I was all wet. 😉 She was still a little non-plussed about me not waiting for her.  I think I mollified her by giving her my best wet dog hug!

I spent the rest of the morning rummaging in the basement.  I was looking for the slides from our big bicycle trip.  Before I found them I found 30 pounds of 10 year old Scouting chocolate (any takers? going, going, after Tuesday’s trash day gone), a box of crumpled Christmas wrappings and finally the slides.  I then wasted the early part of the afternoon on our F@#*ing printer.  As I write, Anne by using said printer as a copier has magically managed to make by test prints appear?

I did do a bike overhaul this afternoon, but it was Anne’s bike not mine.  I replaced most of her drive-train: chain, cassette, rear derailleur, rear derailleur cable and rear brake pads.  She test rode it and I guess I’ll be doing the front half of her drive-train next week, such is life as a wrench.

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