The Great Adventure – Day 60

Ride: Day 60 bikes, Day 82 total            Date: 6/23/82, Wednesday
From: MacGregor Pt. Provincial Park to South Baymouth
Via: Kings Highway 21, Bruce County CR 21, CR 13, 6, Ferry
State/County: Ontario/ Bruce & Manitoulian Island
Mileage:                                               Time:

Start     2614                                         9:00 AM

Finish  142 km = 90 miles                     7:00 PM

Total    2704                                         10 hours

Road Surface/Terrain/Traffic: Paved except for about 1 km, mostly flat but some grades near Tobermory, low traffic

Map(s)/Guide: Bruce County, Ontario Provincial Map

Weather: Partly cold & foggy in AM; warm and sunny later with moderate head winds

Flora/Fauna: Yellow Lady Slippers, Flickers, Blue Jays, Groundhog, Rabbit, Swamp Iris, Cedars, Pine

Others in Group: Pictures of Marl Bog, Chi-chi-monks, Tobermory, We didn’t stop!

Points of Interest/Mileage: Bruce County Museum – South Hampton, Sauble Falls, Tobermory, Natural foods store and bakery in Manitoulian

Comments: We make a break for it today and get on the road early, but we stop in Port Elgin for breakfast because it is so cold.  Lunch is at Sauble Falls.  Mark remembers it from our honeymoon.  I don’t really.  We Press On Regardless in the afternoon to try to make the 8:00 PM ferry, with stops in Mar, Ferndale & Miller Lake.  We also have an unscheduled stop when Mark runs into Pooh’s back tire.  The ferry ride is relaxing and we look forward to a motel!

Expenses: Breakfast $9.80, Lunch 4.50, Natural food $3.05, Postage $1.40, C&C $0.48, $0.54, $2.02, ferry $20.00, game $0.25, dinner $11.07, Motel $29.40 (MC) Total: $82.51, Trip Total: $3,085.03


2 thoughts on “The Great Adventure – Day 60

  1. Love revisiting the Trip of ’82! Kudos! The prices—wow! PS. Not everyone can drop the phrase “marl bog” with such élan!

  2. Sam,

    Maybe you or JCB know of a good way to take archival slides and make them digital pictures? Then we could display the picture of the marl bog.


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