The Great Adventure – Day 59

Ride: Day 59 bikes, Day 81 total            Date: 6/22/82, Tuesday

From: Goderich, Ontario to MacGregor Pt. Provincial Park

Via: 21, MacGregor Pt. Park Rd.

State/County: Ontario/Huron & Bruce Counties

Mileage:                                               Time:

Start     2555                                         10:30 AM

Finish  94 km = 59 miles                       6:00 PM

Total    2614                                         7 ½ hours

Road Surface/Terrain/Traffic: paved, no shoulder (gravel road into and out of camp) / Mostly flat but some grades north of Tiverton / Low traffic until 4:00 – 5:30, traffic from nuclear plant.

Map(s)/Guide: Ontario Provincial Map

Weather: Partly sunny with patches of fog, southwest wind, cool when in fog

Flora/Fauna: Chipmunk, porcupine!, oriole?, pitcher plant, sundew, twin flowers, tamarack (marl bog in Provincial Park)

Others in Group: Phone call to Anne Bananne; Postcards to Mark & Gina, Regenstreifs, Betty & Duke; Pictures of sundew, pitcher plant, twin flowers, red flower

Points of Interest/Mileage: Douglas Point Nuclear Power Plant, The Atom Inn Motel and Restaurant – Good Pie (just south of North Bruce)

Comments: Pooh doesn’t want to get up!  Finally, we get out though. It’s eerie when the fog rolls across the fields and the road.  We take a break in Amberly and have lunch in the park in Kincardine.  It’s quite cold there because of the fog.  Mark stops in Tiverton but Pooh POR [presses on regardless], a little too rigorously at it turns out, but Mark finally catches up.  A break from the rush hour traffic at the Atom Inn and then we pedal the last few kilometers to MacGregor.  Interesting marl bog and a secluded campsite.

Expenses: Cokes $0.69, Lunch $3.54, Pie & Coffee $4.07, Total: $8.30, Trip Total: $3,002.52, Cashed Travelers Check #248 = $50 US = $64.38 Canada

3 thoughts on “The Great Adventure – Day 59

  1. I need info on the Atom Inn.. I can’t find anything on it online, at all. Can you tell me where it is? Thank you.

  2. Nina, my records don’t shed anymore light then what I’ve published already. My recollection though is that the referenced rush hour traffic is from the nuclear energy plant, that the Atom Inn was just outside of, a few kilometers south of MacGregor.

    PS — I might have a picture, I’ll look for it.

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