pot·pour·ri, Pronunciation: \ˌpō-pu̇-ˈrē\, Function: noun, Etymology: French pot pourri, literally, rotten pot, Date: 1749, Definitions: 1 : a mixture of flowers, herbs, and spices that is usually kept in a jar and used for scent 2 : a miscellaneous collection

As the preceeding definition implies, today’s post is a medley of different things.  It includes a lot of pictures.  It also includes some news, but mainly it was designed to be fast and easy to put together.  I hope that it is still pleasing.

I biked in the Park on Tuesday evening and got 15 miles.  I got the following two pictures of a pair of Yellow Crowned Night Herons.  The first of the two is a close up that shows one of the herons with a crayfish in its mouth.

Anne went back to work for the first time in four days.  She has had a cold since her birthday.  This is the second year in a row that she has been sick during her birthday and Mothers Day too.  It is a good thing that she has a whole birthday month to fall back on.  Even so, it has got to suck being sick on your birthday.

Anne’s Maplewood-Richmond Heights middle-schoolers made the paper on Wednesday.  Some of them are on a field trip to the Gulf of Mexico.  They traveled this week to Dauphin Island Sea Lab in southern Alabama to study gulf ecology.  They ran head on into the oil spill that is going on there now.  They’ve already seen oil wash up.  How’s that for an education?

Anne took this picture of a bamboo bicyclist.  She is located over by the Missouri Botanical Gardens.  I like that she is wearing a helmet.