Occasional Showers

Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress and the Aeroshell Flying Team

Rain showers, you might ask? Not a chance! See that sky in the photo above, there is not a cloud in it. Saint Louis is bone dry. (Well, except for the fact that it sits at the confluence of this continent’s two largest rivers, but why let the facts get in the way of a good story.) It has not rained here in weeks. I don’t know whether I should fear my water bill more, or my electric bill. I’m watering the yard every day now and the air conditioning is running 24/7, because it is freaking hot outside. Today was no different from what it has been for over a week, triple-digit temperatures, except a little hotter than usual. So what’s with the “Occasional Showers” title? That would be the several showers that I have taken already today. I’m sure getting my money’s worth out of Anne’s newly painted bathroom.

I got up at dawn. It was 85 °F. I rode in the park, came home and took a shower. After a cool down, I mowed the front lawn and then took another shower. I then drove downtown, watched the Veiled Prophet Parade and then walked down to the riverfront and watched as much of the air show that I could. I came back home and took another shower and I might take one more before the end of the day.

I went through five pint-sized water bottles while I was downtown. I’m glad that I drove, because I was dry when I got back to the car. The parade was nice, typical Saint Louis fare. (Or should I say fair?) It was not near as well attended as last year’s Cardinals World Series Championship parade. I made my way down to the Arch, by way of Calico’s, where I stopped off for a cool down and a cold one. At the Arch, I descended the main staircase to the levee. On the levee, Toyota had set up a VIP viewing area. The price of admission was just showing your Toyota key. Honda drivers need not apply. It was a great vantage point and shade provide was much appreciated. I got lots of great pictures that I’ll be posting through the next week. Time for a nap.