San Francisco

Don, Dan and I drove to the airport and returned the rent-a-car.  They went on to catch their flights home, I went to the airport BART station, to take the train to San Francisco.  Don and Dan were so pleased that they were connecting back to Saint Louis through LA and not Dallas, like we did on the way out, because Dallas was getting socked by snow on Thursday.

I met Liz and Zack outside the BART station in the Mission District.  We then adjourned to a Mexican restaurant for breakfast.  It was nice to see Liz again and to meet Zack for the first time.  After breakfast I took this picture of the three of us.  Yes, I know that I look awful, but look how great Liz and Zack look by comparison.  We said our goodbyes to Zach and Liz and I rode BART for a few more stop before I got off in the business district.  Liz continued on to work.

There was a bike rental place downtown, so I rented a bike.  I rode first to fisherman’s wharf and then on to the Golden Gate Bridge.  I saw lots of neat sights, took a lot of pictures and biked about twelve miles.  In less than a year I have taken over 10,000 pictures with my new camera. 

After I returned the bike, I took a cable car ride to the top of Nob Hill.  A film company was working in one of the buildings there.  It seemed to be a huge operation, all their truck, vans, trailers and what not was taking up all the available parking for blocks.  I recognized the actor pictured below, took his picture, but couldn’t place him.  Chris remembered that he was in the old TV series Spin City with Michael J. Fox.  That and imdb was enough to name him, Richard Kind.  Just like TMZ I got the lowdown from a security guard.  They were filming a new TV series, Trauma for NBC.  Actually, it is an old, already cancelled TV series, but it is being brought back to fill the gap in NBC’s primetime lineup now that Jay Leno is no longer there.

I walked back down the hill, passing Chinatown and took BART back to the airport.  I rented a car, a VW bug and started slogging through rush-hour traffic all the way to Monterey.  I made it to my folk’s house just in time for dinner.  On the way, I got a call from Don.  He and Dan were still in the airport, the San Francisco airport and were scheduled to leave now eleven hours behind schedule.  It turns out that one of their planes had to originate from Dallas and it never made it.  I did not use any voodoo on you, Don, but I do feel your pain!