Pirates Need Pillows Too, Arrgh!

Yesterday’s post showed Anne’s knitted gloves for Chris.  Today’s post features her project of most current interest, a pirate pillowcase.  She is sewing this pillow case for Dan, but there is a story behind the pillow too.

Anne made the pillow and its original pillowcase way back when we were in college.  Back then it had a corduroy fabric pillowcase, sewn in a geometric pinwheel pattern.  The years passed, as they will and this pillow migrated first from my bed, then to our bed and eventually to the kids’ rooms.  There it languished.  The pillowcase did not hold up, but the pillow that she made, lo these many years ago is still viable.

Dan always seemed to be enamored with pirates.  Maybe this love of his harkens back to his Lego pirate ship days?  Anyway during college, he was always firmly in the pirate camp, as opposed to the rival ninja camp.  Riffing off of this piratical allegiance, Anne sewed a new pirate pillowcase cover.  It is almost done …

Dan was home when I got home.  We talked plans some more, but are still not at a resolution of how Dan, all of Dan’s stuff, Annie and her stuff and their Moms are going to make their westward journey.  At this point, I’m going with the team of oxen and the Conestoga wagon.

Bugs and Horsey, happy 57th anniversary!  I think that Horsey likes their nicknames better than Bugs; maybe because he came off the best on that nickname exchange.  Any complaints can be forwarded to Dan, the originator of these nicknames.  Remember though, he was only two at the time.